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Rhythm Health | Nick Perry

Holistic Lifestyle Coach + Rhythm Health Founder

It would be fair to dub me as a ‘Water Snob’. For the last 10 years I’ve studied Holistic Health and explored deeply the power of water and its influence on human health.

The more I learn, the more I grow fascinated and inspired by the positive impact high quality water has on my own health and quality of life - and that of my families and client’s health alike.

The passion and knowledge that has gone into producing the Hydrogen Health products is what really grabbed my interest at first. The integrity of this company and the quality and wisdom of their water filtration systems is, in my opinion, a game changer for anyone looking to level up their health.

The ease of use and accessibility is what excites me the most. The hard work has been done and packaged into a health tool (aka: water bottle) that makes high quality hydration an effortless practice.

I literally don’t leave the house without my bottle and love reaping the benefits of drinking filtered, mineralised and structured H2O on the daily.

I highly recommend to anyone looking to optimise their health and wellness.

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Taylor Cecil 

Health & Lifestyle Performance Coaching + CHEK®

Since using the hydrogen health bottle and shower filter, I have experienced a few fundamental changes. I started using both products around a year ago, having researched the importance of structured water. I was curious as to how I would feel both short and long term.

Short-term, I felt more energised, clearer minded and better digestion. My skin felt clearer and pores open. Long-term, I've recovered from training and injuries quicker than I would have a year ago. 

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of getting to know the founder, Josh. The intention behind his products is genuine, purposeful and backed by research.

Therefore, I will continue to support Josh and his brand into the distant future. Thank you for being at the forefront of health - Hydrogen Health, I look forward to more of the world experiencing the benefits you provide. 


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Alister Day

Ironman + Ultra Endurance Athlete | ACTV Strength Co.

I was introduced to Josh via a mutual friend, immediately when he began telling me about the importance of the water you drink and the impacts it can have on your health, I knew that I needed to start using this product.

Being a professional athlete I’m always looking for areas to improve and also help my longevity in life + sport. I have been using my Hydrogen Health bottle every day for the past two years. I have travelled overseas with it for races and used it daily for training and competing.

It’s the first thing I do of a morning and the last thing I do at night. My Hydrogen Health bottle gives me confidence in myself, knowing I am only using the best, to fuel my body for the best result.


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Mark Minichiello

International Professional Rugby | Performance Coaching + CHEK®

“As a professional athlete for many years, drinking high quality water and staying well hydrated was a high priority. In my opinion, Hydrogen Health have the best products on the market for both quality and convenience.

The health benefits of the hydrogen health water bottle combined with their shower filter create an effective way of restoring your water you are exposed to each day. By combining these two products you are limiting the toxic exposure to the body and starting to take back control of your health.

Thanks for making a huge difference in the quality of water I can drink on the run.”

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Ange Simpson

Natural Wellness Advocate + Health Hub Host & Coach | " The Gratitude Project " Creator

Keeping myself and my family thriving is one of my most fulfilling passions, and when I met Josh I was so excited but also a touch skeptical that this could be another wellness booster for us. A few weeks into using the Bottle and Filters on my shower and I will never go back to what I was using before. I've suffered from atopic Dermatitis most of my life and after only a short time it had cleared up completely. A small part of me thought it could be a fluke, but when we moved house and took our time reinstalling the filter, it came back. Filter installed - dermatitis gone in a week.

I'm now so passionate about sharing these products with everyone I know, because health is our birth right and water is one of the most important elements to feeling amazing and vital.

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Melissa Ambrosini

Best-Selling Author + Podcast Show Host  & TED Event Speaker | Self Help Guru

" I’m obsessed with quality in all areas of my life including water quality. Our body is made up of 75% water so it makes sense that we fuel it with the best! This is why I LOVE Hydrogen Health. I take my bottle with me everywhere and even travel with my shower filter so that I don’t have to compromise on the water I expose my temple to when I am away from my home. Our skin drinks everything we put on and in our body, this is why I LOVE using Hydrogen Health.  "



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